r 2.15 with focus and Python join forces for cross over event for any programmer

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2018)

R and Python join forces for cross over event for programmers

This appears to be worth watching as there seems to be this resurgence in R.This will use versions is r 2.15 with focus
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Just a reminder on this course

Get all the courses for R 2.15 with focus on Garch, mean reversion, technical, arbitrage, volatility, et. This is the same as rstats found on R-Bloggers

All the details of the course here

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So here we go, I will be holding the Python 3 Infrastructure Building Blocks LIVE Q&A Bootcamp Workshop this SATURDAY MAY 12. I need to make it early starting at 10AM Eastern Standard Time. This is the same time as New York City! Based on my previous version of this, I would allocate around 5-6 hours for this entire event. Also,

The topics covered are explained here:

Automate Your Trading Now with Python

Also, this event will take place once which means the replay will become a bonus in the course itself.

Do realize this is primarily to focus on live questions so I need to get them before May 12. Please send them to me by May 10. This is one week from the time of this announcement.

If you are new to this, I would strongly recommend to learn these topics right away with your access. As said, the focus will be on answering your detailed questions so get everything compiled by May 10.

Thanks Bryan



Get all the courses for R 2.15 with focus on Garch, mean reversion, technical, arbitrage, volatility, etc

MAY 12 set for python 3 Infrastructure Building Blocks LIVE Bootcamp and Workshop


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