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(Last Updated On: May 21, 2018)


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I would like to do algo trading in india for nse exchange using zerodha kite connect api, is it possible to do using jstock, as i see only analysis is done but to buy or sell

in an automated way for nse exchanges is it possible or can you recommend some opensource software for this algo trading, i am a good programmer can do coding in

any language.




A friend refer me to your site.
I’m on the way researching some way could we adapt in binary options trading with consistant result. Just ask if something of your works could help me with that?

I’m reading from you now.

Thanks  Anh Vu

I want to mention – that i for sure like your “style” of email communication. I’m not rich with eloquent english, and in simple words – not formal (straight, strict), cosy (comfy), unusual in a good way for me. As the result – i am not just reading all content of your emails, i also answer or even go to the survey page ))

And i hope that your are real, not some advanced AI/ML tech, which were made at Quantlabs )))

I cant see the results, at least the new one – latest is in youtube format , dated 12 apr )



How to install open source ccxt Python package for your crypto currency or Bitcoin custom bot

How do you create a strategy?


Automated Head and Shoulder

Demo of automated head and shoulders with XRB BTC hourly crypto currency data from Binance
Wayne Filkins

I have a pattern kind of like head and shoulders but not commonly known which I use to trade by hand. I have tried to automate it using Gekko and tradingview, and Gekko kept bugging out, and it works on tradingview but I use a chrome plugin called autoview to automate it and that bugs out as bad as gekko. It just randomly doesn’t trade sometimes or just messes up a lot. Could you possibly do a video on how to automate our own pattern using ccxt?

How to create a Microsoft Word document from Python 3

brian ciocca

This only contains audio. Video is a still frame


Bryan , let me tell a few words about my aims at the moment.

Specializing in IT security with 5+ years in web development experience, having a strong computer background i’ve been recently asked by my boss to dig into trading strategies implementations and backtesting ( the man who worked on that – left our company).

I can refuse him with no consequences on salary , etc… and we all do what we want to do, so i have and interest for trading and markets, got little basic self education in this area, improved finance and economy english words knowledge. I was fine with switching to trading strategy analysis… cause its also includes programming.

We have a little fund, and we rely on trend following in common. So the legacy i got from the man who worked and was kinda experienced in the field are Wealth-Lab and few strategies.

CSI UA is for futures historical data, and as i know yahoo is for stocks. Daily trading – meaning that we rely on the data for the day, not intraday…

Our trader guy is follow this strategies and manually make all trades. Portfolio – is futures and CFD’s .

So i started to go deeper only few weeks ago, looked at wealth lab scripts which is in C# which i consider good language, and my fav is Python )

And these scripts appears to be a mess… it’s really f-ud up for me as a programmer)

So me research into this area showed that first of all – the Wealth Lab “for loop” approach while testing strategy is have far more cons than pros. Event-driven model is far more real, and convenient.

Starting from this post


made by Andreas Clenow, later he became my “mentor” in this area, i like his approach, found his articles or posts in a lots of places, he is likes or loves coding, RightEdge uses C#, but he also improves himself at Python and lots of programming stuff.

I also discovered https://www.quantconnect.com/ , quantopian – more as a knowledge base platforms, than actual trading or backtesting.

Took a look at software analogues of WealthLab  (which for me was a bit of fail) , i stopped at RightEdge which is relatively cheap, and has a real full blown C# support (i think they us GUI parts from Visual Studio), the other choice i may ask for could be OpenQuant 2014, but it’s 10 times more expensive ) about 4K $ per year… I think for starting and for moving from shitty WealthLab – RightEdge is right )

Then the common strategy principles are pretty simple – few price channel indicators, and ATR. So as i understood thats called volatility breakout, or pricechannel breakout strategies.

It was added with some additional logic by the guy before, and cause of his shitty code i hardly grasp it yet…

That`s called systematic trading ? for sure not algotrading….

Getting deeper into topic i met few researches, one was huge  –  that statistically tech analysis tools (trend following ) even with proper backtesting, etc in our times… have no evidence as profitable (and yes i know thats a strategy for at least 3 years to wait ).

Compared to this recent strategies which are based on tech analysis plus AI/ML (based on some fundamental data and tech data as i recall) were statistically significant.

summary of all long text:

now i have just basic understanding of implementing trading strategy and backtesting it, appeared there are much much more specifics are need to be done (like proper risk management), and i moving that way slowly, but deeply )

In the nearest future i think we should implement automatic algotrading (at least on some part of equity and instruments), and then for sure i see positive side to use AI/ML and fundamental data in complex approach…

Now i have a lot of beginners questions… as for python, statistics, probability theory, patterns – i would like to join your lecture/lesson – depends on a local time. I will check!

Well, much obliged for reading this far )))

anyway will be in touch, its morning already here )))




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