quant elite with new FXCM API demo 30 min video for Pythoan Algo Trading course

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2018)


I just posted a new ‘Module’ into my Python 3 Infrastructure Blocks with Crypto course which includes the description below. This has been added to the quant elite membership explained below.

I demonstrate how to use market data, historical data, and order type using the new FXCM API for forex and CFD trading. This is 100% in Python using a wrapper for their REST API.

This is a 30 minutes video to show it seems to run almost flawlessly.

You can get more info on this course I mentioned above

New Python3 Infrastructure Bootcamp for May 12

I have decided to make set May 12 for my LIVE bootcamp Q&A on this course. I will post a survey for this on my Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/quantlabsnet/

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Quant ELITE annual

Full details of the courses and other features in the above 2 links.


Thanks Bryan

course and quant analytics with live demo of trading charts and Python source code

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