Introducing my flag and pennant technical pattern for automated crypto currency trading

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

There are a number of corrections I believe in this script but I am unsure of the importance of these pattern (s) since they are quite rare anyhow. So why continue? Why even bother trying to develop for wedges as well?


In summary; Should I abandon both flag/pennants and wedges patterns. They are tough to program and plot among other reasons listed.

Here are the links from the video:





In the last 3 minutes of this video is a new segment which shows the improvement of how I define a bull or bear flag. Also, you need to measure the trend before the pattern so I used 10 candle/bars before the pattern forms as a test. Just remember I allocated 20 candles/bars to allow the completion of  the flag or pennant  pattern. It should  at least show there is consolidation in the price of at least 20 bars. These programming conditions hopefully are correct to reflect the right pattern with expected price direction.

There seems to be a strange anomaly in the code where patterns form sometime in early April. I am unsure if it this is weird bug on the Binance data servers or in my programming script.

As the way it goes, I am not even sure if these patterns really matter since they are quite rare to capture.

Properly defined bull and bear flags



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