Automated head and shoulders webinar demo video replay

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2018)

I have put last Wednesday video playback of the automated head and shoulders into my membership area which is here:


Do realize that this video is replay is for my members only. You can see your various options below if you are interested in signing up.

This video reveals that:

1. Yes there are quite a few crypto currency trading ‘opportunities’ while looking at recent Binance hourly data. It was so impressive I see no reason right now but to only focus on this asset class because of the extremely wide intraday moves which you could bank on!

2. Even though the crypto currency market is in steady decline daily, I found about 10 trading opportunities I could profit off of. When I looked, only 3 currencies were profitable out of 100 on Wednesday evening.

3. Description included:

Automated head and shoulders webinar demo video replay

This all comes from this new indicator that is in development. it is called automated head and shoulders found on my blog

I am now keeping this online until tomorrow end of day. This means the link will remove itself at 12:01 AM when Sunday May 27 hits. That is just roughly 36 hours from now.

Here are the signup options:

1. Go here for an annual subscription for more access to programming. Many more detailed benefits are explained at this link.


2. You can also get a 3 month subscription as well here. Just look for ‘ELITE Membership 3 month trial


Thanks Bryan


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