ARPM Bootcamp 6-day Intensive Quantitative Training

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2018)

Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp
6-day Intensive Quantitative Training
Online anytime I New York, 13-18 August 2018

The ARPM Bootcamp with 500 onsite attendees (70% practitioners – 30% academics)
– Consolidates risk managers’, financial data scientists’ and portfolio managers’ expertise into a structured and rigorous quantitative framework
– Empowers avid learners with a quantitative background to gain the deep technical knowledge necessary to operate across the complex world of quantitative risk management and asset management

Topics include data science and machine learning; classical/Bayesian multivariate statistics and econometrics; financial analytics, market, credit & liquidity risk management; estimation error and model risk; and much more
Onsite (New York): intense training/networking event, 6 days/50 hours of instruction (lectures and review sessions)
Online (MOOC): same lectures cut into 100+ clips, embedded in the ARPM Lab for immediate access to all supporting tools.
Grants ARPM Bootcamp Certificate of Completion, 40 GARP CPD; Academic credits with partner universities

Revisit theory, case studies, Python & MATLAB code, slides, exercises, … in the ARPM Lab online available for months upon enrollment

Connect (onsite)
Gala Dinner: (first 330 on-site registrants) dine and socialize with world-renowned quants and industry leaders; plus lottery, charity, and more…
Social Mixer: mingle with ~500 practitioners and academics; chat, play, and share memories and photos
– Breaks: multiple, informal occasions to network with like-minded fellow attendees

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The Online Platform to Learn and Teach Quantitative Finance

The ARPM Lab contains the tools to learn and practice all the concepts introduced during the ARPM Bootcamp and the ARPM Marathon.

Our online platform is accessible from interconnected and constantly updated channels:

 Theory                                                                     Case studies
 Python code (Jupyter – no installation)                    Excercises
 MATLAB code (Virtual desktop – no installation)     Simulation clips

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