Should I focus on crypto currency only for my python 3 infrastructure course

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

Should I focus on crypto currency only for my python 3 infrastructure course

I have a current survey running with the following questions:

Should I just focus 100% only on crypto?








Somebody added stock as an option but it became the most popular for some reason. I want to start with a broker account with literally nothing to focus on the data and potential trading performance of my analysis.

I am also wanting to know your view of this! Just respond at the URL below, comment in the video on my Youtube channel at under the video, or just respond to this email. As you know, I am listening!!

This is currently running on my Facebook group with over 10,500 folks. You can get access by going here.

survey: Should I focus on crypto currency only or forex only or combo


I even have a video

LIMITED TIME!! My Patterns Talks will remain in my ELITE for a FEW DAYS only!

I made my live stream of my Patterns Talks last nite ‘unlisted’ on Youtube. This means, you will not be able to find the link publicly. It was about one hour long. I even the revealed the source of where I learned the coding for these patterns. I am thinking of removing this entire video and reference in the next few days. This is sort of sensitive where I don’t need the world to know about these. As a result, this will most likely make this window of opportunity to know how to do it is NOW! As a result, this source and detail will no longer be available.


Get the latest deal


Once again, here is that latest offer:

We are now live with this new 3 month ELITE subscription. I have created an 11 minute tour to walk through the entire service. The video is below but it highlights a number of features which include:


1. The latest course of Python 3 Infrastructure Course for a Primitive Algo/Automated Trading System

2. Advanced programming overview of examples how to use a Message Queue with popular languages to interface with Interactive Broker Trading Workstation (TWS).

3. Brief overview of using futures and options techniques with coding examples

4. Access to the complete analytical charts and data provided through the Quant Analytics service for 3 months.


NEAR TERM Future additions in coming weeks:


1. Live Q&A workshop bootcamp for the Python 3 Infrastructure Course for a Primitive Algo/Automtated Trading System

2. Packaged up course of using Dukascopy JForex API for automated forex and CFD trading.

3. Daily charting within the Quant Analytics service. 


I am temporarily addin1 free month for your 3 months. That is a $233 in value as an extra bonus! This extended offer will be removed very quickly as our Facebook marketing efforts show effectiveness. Also, take advantage of this LIVE Q&A workshop that will be those learning from the recent Python 3 Infrastructure Course for a Primitive Algo/Automtated Trading System course.


The link is now live to start your 3 month subscription by going here


Buy Now



Access Python 3 Infrastructure Algo Trading course with Bitcoin Crypto currency NOW!


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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