Interactive Brokers API native Python 3 is not stable yet

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(Last Updated On: April 3, 2018)

Running Interactive Brokers with native Python support seems to be a pain in the ass. As I see it, I will continue with the methodologies I show in my Interactive Brokers API course. It seems that using Python 3 on Mac is a real pain so I am not bothered to fully implement or install until there is an official document to show to to implement. It seems that this current API version is not fully stable but only experimental.

What I will do

As for me, I will continue with the same path in using Redis NOSQL for the central data hub. We can connect Redis with either C++ or Java to interface with Interactive Brokers Treader Workstation (TWS). I shall stick with this for many reasons as we currently sit.

I have included some useful URL tips if you are interested. Pleaseunderstand I get frustrated with all these unofficial ways to implement.  I will just stick with the current non Python techniques I have.

# Gist example of IB wrapper …
# Download API from
# Install python API code /IBJts/source/pythonclient $ python3 install
# Note: The test cases, and the documentation refer to a python package called IBApi,
# but the actual package is called ibapi. Go figure.
# Get the latest version of the gateway:
# (for unix: windows and mac users please find your own version)
# Run the gateway
# user: edemo
# pwd: demo123
# Now I'll try and replicate the time telling example
from ibapi.wrapper import EWrapper
from ibapi.client import EClient
from threading import Thread
import queue
class TestWrapper(EWrapper):
The wrapper deals with the action coming back from the IB gateway or TWS instance
We override methods in EWrapper that will get called when this action happens, like currentTime
## error handling code
def init_error(self):
self._my_errors = error_queue
def get_error(self, timeout=5):
if self.is_error():
return self._my_errors.get(timeout=timeout)
except queue.Empty:
return None
return None
def is_error(self):
an_error_if=not self._my_errors.empty()
return an_error_if
def error(self, id, errorCode, errorString):
## Overriden method
errormsg = "IB error id %d errorcode %d string %s" % (id, errorCode, errorString)
## Time telling code
def init_time(self):
self._time_queue = time_queue
return time_queue
def currentTime(self, time_from_server):
## Overriden method
class TestClient(EClient):
The client method
We don't override native methods, but instead call them from our own wrappers
def __init__(self, wrapper):
## Set up with a wrapper inside
EClient.__init__(self, wrapper)
def speaking_clock(self):
Basic example to tell the time
:return: unix time, as an int
print("Getting the time from the server… ")
## Make a place to store the time we're going to return
## This is a queue
## This is the native method in EClient, asks the server to send us the time please
## Try and get a valid time
current_time = time_storage.get(timeout=MAX_WAIT_SECONDS)
except queue.Empty:
print("Exceeded maximum wait for wrapper to respond")
current_time = None
while self.wrapper.is_error():
return current_time
class TestApp(TestWrapper, TestClient):
def __init__(self, ipaddress, portid, clientid):
TestClient.__init__(self, wrapper=self)
self.connect(ipaddress, portid, clientid)
thread = Thread(target =
setattr(self, "_thread", thread)
if __name__ == '__main__':
## Check that the port is the same as on the Gateway
## ipaddress is if one same machine, clientid is arbitrary
app = TestApp("", 4001, 10)
current_time = app.speaking_clock()

Interactive Brokers makes new API available for Python programmers,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,20,4852334

Interactive Brokers makes new API available for Python programmers

I am sure this will get hammered out over the next few months. Note that this API client release (with the Python client) is not stable. As a result, I will not even enter the fray of playing around with this until there is a stable release you can download.

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