Nictrades notes from April 16 stream including moving averages

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2018)
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Nictrades notes from April 16 stream including moving averages


These tips include moving average tips I have been influenced by

This Nictrades is one of the better sources to find out how the pro traders work. You can go into their minds through her weekly streams on Facebook. Here is another set of notes from her session today:

Nictrades April 16

Impulse wave

pull back on moving averages

support and resistance (min/max)

50 % of max drop

Bull flag (shaking out from pattern since people watch for it)

Prevent shakeout of whale traders

Declining wedge looking for higher low

61.8 fib of low to high to set target

golden cross where moving averages go above 200

50% of high to low for target

abc pattern

wedge pattern

create notification/alert for target broken

need to show fib level on fib charts

could have 50% retrace down

upside target using fib 1.618 and 2.618

fibanacci or moving average pullback after trend

can have 50% retrace/pullback


2.36 fib retrace level for new target

never full size of position only half the positon when you cannot watch it live e.g. 200 vs 100 on positions

need to break through upside target

can abc correction don’t want bearish patterns/symmetry

apply tight stops in these conditions abvoe

if bear abc flag close open positions

can apply channel in range bound

.236 resistance can be breakout as bullish reversal for breakout , set confirmation level target

take partial at .382 cause it may pull back and 2nd pull back my breaktrough

from max to high take 50% and set fib levels from there

set fib from the high but use from the most recent swing low, set new fibs

head and shoulder levels

1.618 exit target .236 entry

measure fib from candlestick wicks

50% of big candle move up so set new fib there (support is there) ←-good entry (this works well in commodity in gold oil)

can use 50% of DMA 50

always look for support

3 waves for correction so use trendline to confirm breakout

886 fib retrace for big wedge

CCI or RSI to verify momentum for trend. CCI is trigger with line on 14 d moving averages

RSI only for strength

ABC correction on 3rd wave trade pro


Look for ABC NICTrades crypto currency Bitcoin notes

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