xlq 6.1 for Microsoft Excel market data with Yahoo Finance

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2018)
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xlq 6.1 for Microsoft Excel market data with Yahoo Finance

This Excel add in is one of the only reasons why I would hang on to Windows

xlq 6.1 is available for download from http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Download.htm


What’s new:




New formula =xlqPriceInBitcoin(), which can be used with CoinMarketCap to also return their prices in bitcoin. xlqPrice continues to return their US Dollar value.

A crash that could occur requesting data from CoinMarketCap has been eliminated.

Duplicate symbols are now handled by appending a number to those lower on the list




Yahoo day data handling has been modified to better handle bad data. Although some requests for cryptocurrencies can end up corrupting all data returned. Xlq will now detect this and if possible make corrections, and if it cannot will document the problem in the status view. The problem does not occur if no cryptocurrencies are requested.


It also includes extra checks and cleaning of yahoo data for European and Asian historic data where their downloaded date references are incorrect, apparently converting the returned date to a different time zone. For example Australian day data being referenced as Sunday to Thursday, and monthly as the month before (US symbols return a date of the 1st of the month, Europe and Asia will return the same data referenced as the last day of the prior month). Xlq will now look for the different problems in the data and correct the dates.


Compatibility change: Yahoo’s old download service returned the Forward Earnings per Share, which was returned via =xlqEarningsPerShare, they also return EPS estimates which they no longer do.

Their new service now returns “eps trailing 12 month” and “eps forward”. To maintain compatibility with the old service “eps forward” was originally returned. For this version “eps trailing 12 month” will now be returned via =xlqEarningsPerShare, and “eps forward” will be returned via =xlqEPSEstCurrentYear.




New formulae xlqhAveVolume (+ week and month) has been added, calculated based on the preference settings. To avoid the need to specifically calculate one using the available xlqxh versions.


New preference setting for DMI/ADX allowing you to choose the calculation method (weighted (default) or EMA) for the xlqxh calculated versions. A separate preference setting remains for the xlqh versions.


Added the possibility for xlq to display a popup message concerning information on some recent event. The message will be displayed up to 5 times, unless dismissed and the functionality  may be disabled under general preference settings by changing “Enable Information Alerts” to no. As emails are only sent for new major releases and not minor builds, this method can now be used to notify of such updates and possibly other events such as a source outage, a breaking change etc. Messages will be kept to a minimum.


This version also includes numerous internal updates as well as updated  supporting libraries.


Note, many historic google requests rely more on the exchange being provided, e.g. if msft does not return data, use msft:Nasdaq etc. Examples in xlqDemo have been updated accordingly.




Note: If your license has expired, you will need to renew it in order for this new version to function. Before downloading and installing you can verify your license by right clicking on the Q in the task bar (while xlq is running) and choosing “About”. If the “Good for updates through” date is earlier than the release date, you should renew your license from this page:http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Purchase.htm. If your license has expired and you would like to purchase a new license to work with the latest release, please contact me for a discount.


This version requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable, i.e. version 14.12.25810 (same as xlq 6.0), which if not yet installed will automatically be downloaded and installed. In such a case the installation process will require an internet connection and a reboot.

If the runtime libraries are not already on your computer, you could alternatively install them from the links on the site.


If you visit the site and do not see the new download, your web browser would be showing cached pages. Click refresh in your web browser (pressing ctrl at the same time if needed) and your web browser will show the latest contents.


Please email me (leov@qmatix.com)  or reply to this email if:

  • You would like to receive notifications when beta versions of xlq are available.
  • There is anything you would like improved in xlq, or any feature you would like to see.
  • You no longer wish to be notified of new releases.


Thank you for your continued support.


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