New tutorial videos for my new technical analysis system

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

New tutorial videos for my new trend following system

I have decided to put up a new consolidated page of how my trend following / technical analysis system works. This will be part of the new foundation for all up Quant Analytic members. Full access to all of 8 tutorials are available for my Analytics and Elite Course members to explain how to interpret these various charts.

Details of each video is below which can be found in my Analytic Video Tutorial section. If you are a member, just login in here.

If you are not a member, do respond to this email to set up details on how to get acesss, I will also mention this is not free since it is a monthly cost. I am preparing new videos and marketing material to introduce the new services.

New LIVE intensive workshops coming for Saturdays

Note that in coming weeks, expect new marketing and ajustments to the website to reflect these feature additions. I will also be detailing on the upcoming courseware which appears to be for Saturdays. Thanks to all who participated in my survey I posted yesterday.

Real world market LIVE 2 hour assessment video

This is just a sampling of a real world assessment of the nearly 100 instruments including forex, stock, and commodity. This include Bitcoin as well. Note that these are CFDs which are most people except living in the USA. Also remember that the market data is from Dukascopy out of Switzerland.

Here are the video tutorial headlines:


Intro to trend following technical analysis system with tutorial videos

Please watch each in the order presented for max learning

(Helpful links from the various videos below)

Intro to trend following technical analysis system

Overview of detailed techncial analytics tools and history

Trendline guage high level instrument selection for trading opportunity

Fiboanacci Retracement levels to price for entry or find historical value

How use moving average cross to confirm market entry exit condition

Can stats be useful in helping determine trading potential

How to use Excel data to confirm your trading opportunity

How portfolio optimization can help in determining expect return

Thanks Bryan

Updated statistical analysis on many forex pairs

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