Minor heiken ashi Limitation of ChartDirector for Python

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2018)

Minor heiken ashi Limitation of ChartDirector for Python

This was sent over the last few days regarding this Minor heiken ashi indicator:

(thanks to the person who sent this)

Here is the limitation

Thank you for your note. I am already a ChartDirector user. As a veteran Python programmer, I have noted a few irritating features in ChartDirector including the lack of a useful tool for Heiken Ashi candles. As a result, I have built my own SVG (scalable vector graphics) charting program for my personal use. I have sent my rather pedestrian Heiken Ashi code to ChartDirector for possible inclusion in the future. 
Additionally, ChartDirector’s geometry allows for slightly different spaces between candles but I have hopefully improved on that – see my screen grabs – particularly the bottom one (zoomed in).
None of this is very important to your algorithmic trading, but I thought I would mention my thoughts. I am a rather visual and intuitive pattern trader and good graphics are important to me.
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