Flat forex markets adjustment for this automated trading strategy

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2018)

Required changes to trading strategy for flat forex markets

Quite a few changes I need for this current passive strategy used for forex:

  1. Use slope of curves of daily charts (end of day)
  2. Period has changed from 500 days to 240 which is the number of trading days per day
  3. Portfolio strategy results needs a new calculation on correct set of results
  4. Expanded number of currencies from 12 to 35

What I find is that for the data set of yesterday for 1 year shows:

  1. There is not many currency pairs that show long term upward trend
  2. Markets seem very volatile to calculate a steady trend. I think this is why many banks have reduced staff on currency trading desks globally

What are the options for me?

  1. Expand into other markets like commodity or regional stock market indices. Note that using Dukascopy only can be used with CFD which is banned in USA. Just remember Dukascopy do not accept US residents. I will need to verify the bahvior of these broker CFD with their underlying instrument.
  2. Will higher risk amount of leverage help in these flat forex markets?
  3. Crypto currencies seems high risk with no predictable patterns for forward looking guidance.
  4. Will my patterns of wedges, flag, pennants help? This will be under development by a third pattern starting this week.

I will need to watch more NicTrades videos on Facebook to really understand how this overall strategy plays out.

Updated statistical analysis on many forex pairs

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