Actual results of back test history from automated trading strategy

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2018)

Actual results of back test history from automated trading strategy


This is how to get actual results. I tried a test yesterday to see the reach of ‘live webinars’ I plan to do. This is where I can use the Zoom.us service to synchronize with my Facebook Group or Page or the Youtube channel. It seems the Facebook group was best but Youtube has longest lasting result. I have various versions but remember the longest and original version is found in my Facebook group. See the link below.

2 video versions found on Youtube including the podcast version. I still think the Facebook group is the best one.

Here is that link to the Facebook Group video version.


The Detailed Reveal of the Videos

In order to try to make sense of these, I wanted to demonstrate how you are able to use your broker platform (in my case Dukascopy JForex) to generate historical market date which goes all the way back to Jan 2005. It depends on which instrument you choose and when it was added by Dukascopy.

I also divided up various instruments into either Forex or CFD since this broker is out of Switzerland. The CFD category was then split into ‘commodity’ or equity which focuses on stock market indices or ETF. This totals over 92 instruments I can watch as hinted in the videos.

With all this data, I plan to use this Daily data to break up into 3 month segments determined at the start of each season. E.g. Dec 21, Mar 21, etc. I can then use this data to run my new Python scripting analysis to forecast which instruments should give strongest return. Because of real market historical data, I can easily compare the actual results versus the forecast. Pretty genius huh?


I heard this back testing technique has been very popular. If the forecasts prove to be a winner with the comparison of actual results, we have a winner. Winner makes things way more expensive (hint hint) so we are on the verge of the truth. Show time results will be revealed as well soon!

Thanks for reading and watching


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