Popular indicators from TA-Lib Python wrapper

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(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)

Different analytical indicators

Popular indicators were introduced from 2 recent videos. These were from the TA-Lib package Python wrapper.  I further tested to see which indicators could be found useful. Although, I would give you a different answer from my recent analysis video where I demonstrated popular indicators Williams R% and Stochastic, you would think everything looks clean. This is just another way of saying they do not lag when they change direction at fast timeframes like Tick or 1 Minute. I really emphasized the importance of this in the videos.

Different results vs Dukascopy JForex

I went ahead to start analyzing the same indicator with exact timeframes using TA-Lib within Python. As compared from within Dukascopy JForex, It seems I got different results so I tested a complete pile of them. This included:

1. Stochastics was just to jumpy to work with any form of trend.

2. Beta was more consistent which did not move around as much.

3. Williams R was again to volatile (in short periods) moving between in upper and lower ranges

4. Linear Regression and Chaikin A/D Oscillator was the same effect as Williams R

The only ones that seem to work were the popular indicators which include:

1. Normalized ATR

2. SMA

3. Bollinger Bands

4. Rate of Change Percentage

As a result, I will stick these 4 above to find out the magical combination. There are others to pick from within TA-LIB but I find you want to keep the combination simple. This also is important to really understand how properly interpret the unpredictable indicators I list above.

Next steps and considerations

I need to show how to  properly implement these but it depends when there data stored eg. database vs flat file. It looks the simplest is to use CSV with multiple instrument access is less utilized on the computer hardware front. You can obviously understand hoq critical these decisions are for when using an interpreted scripting language like Python.

There will be lots more to report as I continue along. Do note I find working with Python is much more product than Java within Dukascopy Jforex API.

Package info https://github.com/mrjbq7/ta-lib

Williams % and Stochastics most reliable Matlab technical indicator

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