Williams % and Stochastics most reliable Matlab technical indicator

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2018)


Williams % and Stochastics is most reliable Matlab technical indicator as picked by this pro software company

Williams % and Stochastics most reliable indicator for low time frame forex trading

I refer to the Matlab Technical Analysis for best indicators they would recommend

There are other ones with references found here.


I decided to refer to the Matlab Technical Analysis toolbox for which might be considered some of the really reliable indicators. As revealed in the video, it was shown how the one I was relying on (regression) was just too choppy which threw off my strategy closing on exit. As this video shows, I try a variety of indicators to see which ones ‘visually’ made sense with no latency on the pricing direction. In other words, could the indicator keep up with fast moving price changes at low time frames? The video shows what I found.

As a result, I may scrap this strategy to try another approach starting next week. Yes, nearly 2 months were wasted but I have definitely found my techniques to properly assess a trading strategy potential under development. This means no time was ever wasted at all as I gathered some precious skills that I am sure any unprofitable retail traders will argue.

As always, you kind my two courses listed below that helped me get to this point using Dukascopy Jforex.

Thanks Bryan

P.S. More technical indicators will be used testing with results to come soon!

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