Warning on your sleazy forex broker account and crypto currency exchange 

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(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

Warning on your sleazy forex brokers and crypto currency exchange

This is a dire warning about your forex or crypto currency broker account

I just posted this to my Telegram groups:

gentlemen, IRS and CRA are now seeking all accounts that have been linked to cryptocurrency. this is all the more reason to go private off of telegram. also all the more reason to use crypto currencies that anonymous like Monero or ZCash. just saying

also, one of my contacts is taking a big but sleezy to court over premature losses. the broker’s general council wants a release (to prevent any lawsuit) before the they release his fund out the broker account. apparently, this goes against all regulation but just forewarning you, to be very very careful where you park your funds in whatever sleeazy crypto exchange or forex broker account


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