How useful are peaks or pivots for trading charts from Python

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

How useful are peaks or pivots for trading charts from Python

I was warned about these. Unless you can use these for forward looking purposes, these are not that useful. I can always be wrong but maybe this could be useful.

Update: Someone on my Telegram revealed about PivotBoss. After thinking this is just another frat boy teaching trading, I realized there is more to know after watching a few seconds of this person’s videos.

More human traders have shown me how to use these things. It is quite fascinating that this can be useful is many ways you will not find online. I am learning this from other automated and human traders like you who have been using these techniques for decades. I am hoping to expand this topic among trading patterns, flag/pennants, and wedges. There will be more to come.

Here is another source from someone else so thanks to them

Click to access ProfitingWithPivotBasedMAs-by-Frank-Ochoa.pdf


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