Technical analysis moving average confirm higher potential entry for forex trading

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2018)

Another assessment using technical analysis indicators from yesterday. I used a variety of currency pair. The idea was to showcase the moving average indicators can help determine entry points opportunities.

Moving average parameters used most popular in technical analysis

The averages I used include:

20 day moving average

50 day moving average

200 exponential moving average

I tried to focus on pairs with the most potential upward trend momentum to demonstrate if the pair is to expensive but the moving averages can confirm the story.

The future of these charts can be applied univerally

These charts displayed over the last few days indicate how my new services will help in the future for others to build out better forecasting. It will help justify to the upcoming pricing for both my Elite and monthly Quant Analytic service.

Not only that, it seems that these techniques can be universally to other asset classes including:

  1. commodity such as gold/silver, and energy product including oil
  2. ETF/indices including SPY or breaking it down by volatility or tech sectors
  3. fixed income including treasury or other European central bank assets
  4. regional market indices as well including Asia or European countrie

The educational benefits for you

The next area to be covered will be for educational on how you can apply these techniques for your own trading. Once you have completed control of these, you will be able gauge precise calls to help enhance your portfolio. Is that not the ultimate control we are all after?


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