Neural network AI is simple. So Stop pretending you are a genius

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)

Neural network AI is simple. So Stop pretending you are a genius

This was a wildly popular topic in my Facebook group.

Here are some quotes that may be relevant for you:

xNeural networks are dumb black box systems. If you torture them enough you can get great fit of test data, but you won’t get great results from randomly sourced tests. AI is really good at spurious correlations….

xqPeople want to ascribe magic powers to AI, but for the most part AI can’t do anything a human can’t. There are some exceptions, but only for transparent AI. Neural Networks aren’t transparent, and even in the transparent systems a human would be able to replicate the final result…

AI can be built to do great things. Neural networks have limitations.

Here is that popular article 

More questions from my previous post

Would appreciate your guidance

I wanted to reach out to you to ask you for some advice & guidance. I am not a programmer, but I am trying to create a solution that will allow me to work with live tick data (Forex mainly) (to create live dashboards, currency strength, momentum etc) and historical data to conduct further analysis.

I was thinking to feed this data into a database (I saw in your video that you are doing something similar). I wanted to get your advice as to the method of getting live tick data (something that does not cost a fortune would be ideal 🙂 ) ..

I spoke to a freelancer who said that Jfoex api is only a java library and it would not allow me to work with live tick data.

I’ve also had a look at a few tools to connect to dukascopy to export historical tick data, its just the ‘live tick-data’ part that I am unsure about.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

My answer was:

If you just want market data use IQFeed forex option for $30/month. Do understand as part of their terms of service, you cannot redistribute this outside of your own use. If you need it for trading, always use the broker’s data to keep in synch. Also, you will need a live Dukascopy account for the live tick data but again only for your purposes. Hope this helps

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