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(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

Questions and answer for jan 8

Please note that my time is highly limited. I am definitely scaling back on this Q&A as  I can only respond to people behind my paywall.

Queries from various sources with references below:

Hi Bryan Would you talk a little about automated arbitrage trading? What tools eg Dokascopy can setup rules for triangular arbitrage? And what if any tools exist for crypto currency arbitrage? Also, related to arbitrage, can you talk a bit about the mechanics of inter-exchange arbitrage trades? Do these tools move money between accounts to trade on different exchanges? Or are you limited to the trading pairs offered by a single broker? Thanks in advance!

I am hitting a “reservation for  python” link..


 Oh no, there are other links to. https://quantlabs.store/collections/videos/products/interative-brokers-4-5-hour-workshop-bootcamp

Happy new year! I just RSVP’d for tomorrow’s meetup. Just to let you know I went over the JForex tutorials from DukasCopy, and also couple of your Intro from the playlist, as well the manual. We can probably chat tomorrow more in person but here is my feedback:

All these tutorials delve straight into the technical part of the platform without a proper Intro or overview. I am not able to see the flow or get the full picture from start to end.

Like do I need to decide on a currency pair first before connecting with JForex or would the strategy I build will determine the best currency pair to select?

I am new to Forex trading and have been going through other Intro tutorials on youtube. Right now I don’t know how to start or know which strategy to use or build. All these tutorials seem to assume that users are knowledgeable in Forex trading, is that right?

 I wouldn’t mind buying your Visual JForex tutorials if it helps newbies like me totally new to  Forex trading and strategies. Or do you recommend any other Forex tutorials I should go through before using DukasCopy?



Complete newb to terminal – can you provide clearer instructions for installing? When I paste; git clone git://github.com/askmike/gekko.git into a new Terminal window it says “requires the command line developer tools”. Do I need to install something else before installing Gekko? I already installed nodejs as directed on the github page


Well the big difference between ccxt and the others is tha ccxt is not a bot by itself. And also Blackbird is a special bot for doing arbitrage on different markets (that’s why it does not support so many exchanges). But I agree in how great ccxt is.



IB is a great exchange. Their API is pretty straight forward. I was
thinking about FX and crypto. FX has small % changes that are highly
leveraged, which means more randomness and less profit, with the potential
for devastating losses. Crypto is a bullish sector where you could have
literally bought anything and made triple digit returns in the last 6
months. And with no leverage, so losses are restricted to each trade and
at worst you might have a 66% loss of one trade, but the upside is a
multiple of the loss potential in most cases. This skews the probability
distribution in a way that makes profit less risky. You can ask your quant
PhD about that, but pretty sure that is the case. I feel like my trades
have room to fly, and less likely to crash and take out my account along
with them. Leveraged trades drag down your account if they go south. My
trades are all 1:1 so they don’t affect my account outside of the trade
itself, and is very unlikely to go to 0. The gains can be 100% in a day,
which would be similar to a 100:1 leverage in FX, but without the downside
of losing more than the trade if it goes against you. And again, worst
case would be 50 or 60% loss maybe of just that one trade amount. Of
course you can adjust to your risk appetite. Just sayin, buddy, this is a
hot sector. For now. I am sure the US Gov deep state and banksters will
find a way to rob the people eventually.

Bryan Downing

Bryan Downing

4 days ago

that is correct about ccxd not being a bot but is a framework


Is this S & P Trading futures or Day Trading/Swing Trading? Like to be
part of it?






Minimize loss with linear regression for algo forex trading

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