New  XLQ for Bitcoin and Cyrptocurrency with Coinmarketcap access 

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2018)

New  XLQ for Bitcoin and Cyrptocurrency with Coinmarketcap access

This can help with the industry data fro crypto currency from coinmarketcap

The xlq 6.0 is available for download from http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Download.htm


What’s new:




Coinmarketcap is now available as a day source for cryptocurrencies, with their data being updated every 5 minutes. It works differently to other sources, in that once any symbol has been requested it will request the data for all their symbols, allowing you to see them in the day list, sort by rank etc. and paste to and monitor further in excel. With the install there is now a xlqcryprocurrencies.xlsx in the program files directory showing the additional formulae returning data from them, i.e.











Under xlq preferences / data source specific / Coinmarketcap you have options to:

– disable them as a datasource in xlq.

– store the data on exiting xlq.


Breaking change:

xlqMarketCap and xlqMarketCapMkt which returned the market cap as a string have been removed and are now replaced by xlqMarketCapVal. Data is returned from IQFeed, Yahoo and Coinmarketcap.




Note: If your license has expired, you will need to renew it in order for this new version to function. Before downloading and installing you can verify your license by right clicking on the Q in the task bar (while xlq is running) and choosing “About”. If the “Good for updates through” date is earlier than the release date, you should renew your license from this page: http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Purchase.htm. If your license has expired and you would like to purchase a new license to work with the latest release, please contact me for a discount.


This version requires an updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable, i.e. version 14.12.25810, which if not yet installed will automatically be downloaded and installed. In such a case the installation process will require an internet connection and a reboot.

If the runtime libraries are not already on your computer, you could alternatively install them from the links on the site.


If you visit the site and do not see the new download, your web browser would be showing cached pages. Click refresh in your web browser (pressing ctrl at the same time if needed) and your web browser will show the latest contents.


Please email me (leov@qmatix.com)  or reply to this email if:

  • You would like to receive notifications when beta versions of xlq are available.
  • There is anything you would like improved in xlq, or any feature you would like to see.
  • You no longer wish to be notified of new releases.


Thank you for your continued support.


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