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(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)
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Query from Youtube commenter for ‘career’ advise

Hey Bryan, I am an ambitious java programmer you can call me. I know that most java programmers have 10+ years of experience and I’m just a young gun, but I really love learning java and using it to create things like automated trading robots, 3d games. I’ve literally made my dreams come true with java at such a young age.I couldn’t be more grateful, but there is still so much in this world for me to learn about. I understand that everything in life subjective, meaning what works for one doesn’t work for another. I am always seeking to learn about opportunities. I just completed my first swing-trading robot and am looking to push things forward.

I’ve been building robots ever since I started game development, people would hire me to build them robot scripts on video games, and I used that same knowledge to build my first trader robot. Maybe or not it matters to you that I am making this comment I don’t care, but I would love your thoughts on what a java programmer in his young age should be focusing on next. I’m very proud of my accomplishments, I love putting in the work, please give me your thoughts on what has potential, such as automated forex trading, etc. I’m not trying to chase the next big thing as I’m happy with my swing-trading bot, I’m only trying to learn, thank you!

My summary

I am not sure where you live. I know people who make decent $ building forex bots for others in the Dukascopy JForex API world. If you get something worthy to trade automatically, you can earn extra nice $ for yourself automatically so I would focus my efforts there

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#1 goal in forex trading is not to lose money but profit is 2nd


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