Excel add ins from CoinMarketCap to Redis

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

Excel add ins from CoinMarketCap to Redis

If I do this XLQ (for Coin Market Cap data), I should be able to push the data into Redis using this Excel add in


In beta for now


Will I be stuck on Windows? It seems CCXT does support CoinMarketCap but it MAY NOT give the data for % change as in XLQ


CoinMarketCapvia xlqPlus you can work with data for cryptocurrencies from Coin Market Cap (currently over 1300).

Includes formulae for their Rank, MarketCap, Available Supply, and 1 hour, 24 hour and 7 day percent change.

Data is updated every 5 minutes. http://www.qmatix.com

Looking at this CoinMarketCap directly, it seems easiest just to work their end point as described here:


You will not be able to get references from the exchanges so the next question is how to get a quick reference in which exchanges supports which coin.

You could use this example to list out all the coins (symbols) to react to:


New  XLQ for Bitcoin and Cyrptocurrency with Coinmarketcap access 

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