Crypto trading vs forex webinar playback

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

Which trading asset class has more profit potential?


Crypto currency vs forex webinar playback

Idea of questions came from:

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Here were the questions to the participants:

1. Do you believe the volatility in crypto can make you more money ? Do you lose more if trading manually?

2. Does your major forex broker allow trading with crypto? Any small coins others than BTC, ETH, LTC etc? Do you see similar behavior in forex brokers as you would with large crypto brokers?

3. Outside of technical indicators, do you use any quant techniques? For example?

4. For crypto, which technical analysis indicators can work well in a predictable manner ?

5. If you can to choose which asset class, would it be only crypto or forex? Why?

6. Do you believe you need tens of thousands of dollars to be an effective forex trader? Do you also you can start crypto with literally nothing?

7. As a crypto trader, do you find it very difficult to trade dues to the unpredictability of it? Is there any predictability within forex? If so, what time frame an under what conditions?

8. Do you think the pricing behavior of forex and crypto are the pretty well the same outside of the unpredictable volatile nature of crypto?

9. Do you believe in this statement: main difference iin Forex, we could make big profit from it, but in crypto it made for little profit.

Or this statement: Money is so fast in Forex, so fast to bankcrupt too if you made a wrong position. Crypto is safer, money can multiply too if you spot a coin before it pumps. So my vote is for crypto.

How about hthis statement: Forex isn’t easy, yes, but the level of insider trading in crypto might just make up for that difficulty.

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