Bitcoin and Doge crypto currency the joke or still serious ?

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2018)

Bitcoin and Doge crypto currency the joke or still serious ?

Here are some comments of popular crypto currency items in my Facebook group

Bitcoin is the New Gold, a Better Safe Haven Asset: Goldman Sachs
These are all rookie numbers! I will believe it when 1 satoshi can be traded against 1 gram gold.




Kkkk without custody security, yes they are right kkkkk
In other words, they’ve built up a sizeable long position over the past months and their breakeven is closer to $16-17k so this is a desperate attempt to pump and dump. Watch out for the con people and do not get suckered in. Miners are already churning faster than demand and it’ll all normalise on the bitcoin front this year. No more insane gains.
This is cool, then the fair value of 1 BTC will become > USD 400,000 HODL !

My Joke Cryptocurrency Hit $2 Billion and Something Is Very Wrong
1. hope he kept some doge for himself.
2. how fiat works and how the human economy works is even more cryptic, illogical and parasitic (than commensal). (given none of the other animals depend on this method of viability).

banks borrow with less rate and lend at higer rates! if this can work, then why not doge?

reality is, money is a human fairytale. anything is possible. even a Doge


Jamie Dimon says he regrets calling bitcoin a fraud and believes in the technology behind it

its not his fault / this man has been in news more because of bitcoin than any of his company’s achievements

cryptocurrency investors who did not do their research, did not know that j p moran was heavily invested in the ethereum alliance and they failed to question why the ceo of j p morgan (just another private bank) became the official bitcoin doomsayer…

This guy went on and on about how terrible it was, created fud, then bought the dip. Now all of a sudden, he was wrong, yadda yadda. What a fraud.

64 bit version Dukascopy Forex tips with Bitcoin crypto addition

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