Future of algo forex trading and crypto currency

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2017)

Future of algo forex trading and crypto currency

A series of questions from a newsletter subscriber:

I’m not so interested in your courses but more interested in your signals would that be within your chat room ? if so when does that go live. Little confused how to tell if signals and analytics will be within a chat room subscription or are there separate subscriptions for these or do I’ve to be a quant elite subscriber to see all this ? I’m not a programmer by no means, I’m currently using the Nanex datafeed right now for my analysis.

thanks, appreciate your feedback!

Thanks for the interest. As I am trying to improve this strategy with more profitable exits, I am hoping to get the signals working within a week. It just depends on getting more consistant winning trades. Also, they can be posted within my chat room but they can also get posted as a regular blog post in the membership. These signals are intended for  non programmers like your self. As you know, I am using Dukascopy for now but have access to IQFeed which is the same source as Nanex I believe. 

I will keep a eye out on your blog on when the signals go live. So your forex strategy is doing well with proper entries ? but you just have to sharpen out better exits it sounds like. Also look forward to seeing how your development in the crypto universe goes. 

Could you make a video when the signals go live, like to see how to setup the service in etc..

this is nanex http://www.nanex.net/


You asked for a video on tools so here it is 


It is Jforex the platform and Redis NOSQL database which is what I use



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