(Last Updated On: December 29, 2017)


BOXING DEAL FINAL OFFER (this ends in a few days maybe sooner)

This is the ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to get my 3 course combo. A few more will be on the way including topics on algo crypto algo trading and machine learning in the early months of 2018!

I have this all explained in this video below

You can learn about:

  1. Python Algo Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks
  2. Interactive Blocks API Bootcamp Workshop
  3. Futures/Options Fundamentals with Source Code
  4. Get access my private Telegram group
  5. I also have posted fee access to my Dukascopy NON programming and programming videos for algo forex trading setup

You get this combo info right now for the next few days here 



Note: The online marketing efforts will start next week targeting $500> annual income active traders This means this pricing combo will go up to$2800 immediately after this sale. As more content gets added, you can expect it to further up to $4000 early next year in 2018!

As a result, this is the ABSOLUTE last chance you will get this deal under $1000. It is now or never!


Query and reference:

I am a non profesional trader of futures (mini sp, …) and I use interactive brokers-TWS.

I would like to learn how to program my system to launch orders automatically to TWS in several time frames and set a time for starting and finishing, also with stop loss and trailing stops.

I have a little knowledgement of C# and I would like to learn more to be able to make this, but I would need a course oriented to this area, because the courses of C# that I find in the net are too general.

I would appreciate very much if you can help directly or recommend me some course to get my goal or whatever you think can help me.

Member reference:

If you listen to some of the conspiracy theories futures markets are controlled by the banking cartel and are used to control the underlying.   Perhaps tinfoil hat type of stuff.     But coincidentally just after the futures markets opened bitc did tank  And has not recovered as it usually does very rapidly.   

 Anyway my 18K in May 2017 is now 140K so I am not complaining.

 Merry Christmas to you buddy keep up the great work thank you for everything you do for us 



NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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