Trying to save people falling for trading gurus where you need to do DIY

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2017)
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Trying to save people falling for trading gurus where you need to do DIY

DIY = do it yourself

A person asked me from my Meetup group about this topic


I appreciate your quick response to my questions. I pretty much went through your 2 intro PDF’s from your website, and 

wow..quite a few components involved in Algo trading. Its definitely got all the data science/predictive modeling components that I am interested in learning and developing which is Stats and Python.

However am still very novice at this stage and lots of concepts you have mentioned in your intro manuals assumes that readers are experienced traders, so I feel rather overwhelmed. And considering even though I am a keen but slow learner, not sure if you recommend me attending your training next couple of weeks?

I guess what I am trying to say is, there are all these amazing tools, but I am having trouble piecing it all together. Like where do I start? Do I start with setting a short-term/long term goal first? Then learn Stats from Khan academy, then learn Python, then design Algo trading strategy, then try paper money? You see what I mean. Appreciate any guidance you can give me.

Also Bryan, been meaning to run something by you for awhile. I attended a marketing presentation by this PowerMind company early this year, promoting their services to train folks for credit spread system. Below is the link , and youtube link is the gentlemen who made the presentation., can’t recall the name but think Jim Francis was the main brainchild for this methodology.

The 2 full day workshop is $2,000 plus. It sounds very convenient for couple of hours a month. I haven’t followed up after that, but love to hear your thoughts about this system.

Looking forward to your response.

I respond here:



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