PHD quant research grads make over 400k first day on job

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2017)
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Top PHD quant research grads make over 400k first day on job

How is this possible according to this article. This not only validates what I have been saying over the years, it vindicates the theory this is the future and only way to trade. Retail traders who are not sophisticated will only get crumbs left in the markets. That is of course assuming you are not with a broker who is screwing you from market making or stop hunting. 

Learn, watch, and read about this article here

If you are NOT a PHD or even a ‘quant’, I am building out a quick path for those that want to achieve the same results. This is the only verified (by a a neutral third party) of having the highest possible audience that attracts my type of service. You can watch it in the video from the above link.
If you are paying more money to an unverified trading guru, you are pretty well throwing your money out the window since they are not able to verify their service results or let alone their audience they attract through their demographics. Do you really want to continue paying out of for expensive services and so-called gurus with no results? No matter how you slice it, the trading industry has totally changed. It is changing almost everyday because of machine learning and crypto currency.

Now… we are adjusting to these changes quickly. With our automated tools being developed by only me, I am retooling my own services to deliver algo trading forex signals over the next few weeks. If my strategies prove to show consistent profit, I see no reason to keep my current rates at the price they are. Because it is Black Friday in two days, I will be raising my low rates to the new rates at that time. The current rate will the lowest it will ever be until tomorrow nite. Again, my current rate will go up 50% as of Friday. It then goes up again after Monday. Essentially, you are getting this current low rate at 1/3 of the price once it goes up on Tuesday.

In summary, today is the second last day to get the ABSOLUTE LOWEST price before Friday.

I will be focusing 100% of my energy on my upcoming strategies being developed for forex, cyrpto currency, and eventually the future/options market. These will generate trading signals in real time 24/7 in private chat room for all my Quant Analytics members.

Here are the details:

Well, being recongnized for that, I guess this a pre-sale deadline of this THURSAY (as in 2 days!) before the official Black Friday/Cyber Monday hits this weekend!! That mean you can expect a 50% increase come this Friday Nov 24!! Go figure huh?


As I mentioned we are moving into Black Friday/Cyber Monday event. Basically, this deal includes all

3 of my courses here which covers Python Infrastructure, Futures and Options, and Interactive Broker API


12 month subscription to Quant Analytics


This combo totals well into the thousands. After next week, I plan to raise this current ‘special’ price over 50%.


See the details here;


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I set a pre-sale deadline of this THURSAY (as in 2 days!) before the official Black Friday/Cyber Money hits this weekend!! That mean you can expect a 50% increase come this Friday Nov 24!!


After Monday, there will be another price increase as in doubling the rate come Tues It could go up from there if the this strategy works out in the long run. More details to follow in a few days on that.

As you know, time starts ticking. Tick tock. This deal will vanish permanently! 


Thanks Bryan

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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