LATEST HUGE sad changes over at Interactive Brokers

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2017)

Here is the latest from XLQ the Excel spreadsheet thingy for market data with TA. Please note the crucial changes to Interactive Brokers!

Xlq 5.9 is available for download from http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Download.htm


What’s New




XlqPlus now works with the latest interface to Interactivebrokers and will automatically return delayed quotes (if available for the symbol) if you do not have a real-time subscription. Even though delayed pricing can be returned, to receive historic data / backfill or other values a real-time subscription is still required.


One oddity I noticed is if  the symbol is in tws and is showing the “delayed  data” button, you will not get prices until you enable the delayed quotes and re-request the symbol in xlq. If the symbol is already enabled, or is not in tws, the delayed data is returned automatically. If tws shows only “Market Data Subscription Manager” and not “Delayed Data”, the delayed data will not be available for that symbol.




Yahoo day quotes are again available. On November 1 Yahoo stopped their old day quote download service, and xlq 5.81 was prepared with Yahoo removed. It appears that they have developed a new service returning many of the fields that were available previously and those that are no longer available have been removed. With no additional information available on this new interface it is possible there could be further changes. As a result, there is now an option in xlq preferences / data source specific / Yahoo to “Enable as day source”, which is set to yes. If set to no, it would be as if yahoo day data was removed as a source from xlq and can avoid trying to connect etc. if anything changes or stops.


The formulae no longer supported are xlqShortRatio, xlqDivPerShare, xlqPricePerSales, xlqEPSEstNextYear, xlqEPSEstNextQtr, xlqPEGRatio and xlqEBITDA.




A new source “<unused>” has been added to xlq which can be used to disable any request, including for historic formulae. This will allow for example in xlqCompanion to turn off day requests, either as default or per row. Note, if the trailing stop preferences setting is set to use only historic data, the trailing stop will then calculate up till the last close and requires no reliance on day data. The source can also be referenced in excel.


#Name when opening an xls from a link


Until the problem introduced in recent updates to excel is resolved, a workaround has been included which should avoid seeing #Name when opening an excel file when clicking on a link. When opening via a link, com addins are only being loaded after the workbook is initialized, rather than before as should be the case. For an alternative fix to change the order, or for more info see http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Support.htm




xlqPlus has long been the license of choice for most new users, so due to the evolving market I will end the sale of new xlqLite licenses around the end of the year. Existing xlqLite license will continue to be supported and may be renewed etc. So if you want to repurchase a new xlqLite license, you should do so in the next couple of weeks.




By request I have added a tip button (accessible on the right of most of the webpages). Xlq support is free but as the support often goes beyond that of xlq or the time helping on something can exceed the cost of xlq, or someone wants to show their appreciation after including their request in xlq,  I am asked how a complimentary payment may be made. The gratuity order can now be used for that at your discretion.




The historic data files have already been updated to handle upcoming features and are not compatible with prior versions so if upgrading from a prior version the data files will be replaced and the data re-retrieved as needed.




NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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