What I’ve learned after coding HFT Low Latency Systems

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2017)

As you know, I have been studying high-frequency trading for a very long time. I even read one article where one person invested $10,000 into thousand five and got a return of over $1 billion in the last year. This is all due to HFT. I will not lie to you that this is complicated programming but is very beneficial for anyone interested. Just always think of Renaissance Technology as the lead influence. I posted a variety of CppCon videos that are beneficial for those interested within my Facebook programming group.


There is one article found on LinkedIn


There’s another article with those helpful videos


As I reported earlier, I found ways to get the most volatile currency pairs for Algo/Automated trading. Could you imagine if you were able to weight all the potential positions for optimal return? Would it not be great if you could measure expected average return or even expected trading ratios? This would be great to set up your next trading session. With the magic of quant, I found a Python script that enables you to do this on a very frequent intraday level. If you ask me, you could set up all your trading positions with weighting and potential sizing all trading sessions in an automated way.


Let me show you the benefits of this through this video


Imagine if I was to able to walk you through the source code, it would be a huge benefit as part of your automated trading tools. Very few retail traders ever think of these important steps which keep you not only in the game but also optimizes your trading potential.


As another benefit for all my Quant Analytics members, I will be providing this exclusive ‘sneak peek’ of the source code in Python. It will only be up for 24 hours in the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled for that as this will be the only time I’ll ever show this. Again, this will be part of my secret sauce tools that I plan to use when I launch my live automated trading. Once again, I will never ever show this ever again to nobody.


If you’re serious about your automated trading, you will not want to miss out on this exclusive video preview.


I will be also offering a one time live ‘question and answer’ session live this Monday Oct 23 at 7pm. This will not be recorded either and again will only be available for all my Quant Analytics members. As a result, there will be no playback for this as it is purely for questions you may have after this video shows up early in the week.


These are two private events that I plan to hold for my members who take their trading very seriously. If this all works out, I would even say could change your life as it could with mine.


How many more times do I have to tell you you may want to join this exclusive Quant Analytic membership.


Here are all the benefits


Join now for immediate benefit


From my Quant Analytic Lite members, here is the latest news that I posted.


You can also register here for my daily analysis for free


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