My latest status on forex data from IQFeed and Dukascopy broker

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2017)

My latest status on forex data from IQFeed and Dukascopy broker

A series of questions from a Quant Analytics member



are you still providing data feeds?Also, how do I set up data feeds from Macro Economics and others automatically, instead of manually downloading the .csv files?

I use IQFeed for now. I would use TradingEcononmics.com as  well when needed. It also against terms of service to redistribute feeds. 

You told me to forget about IQFeed a little while ago, when earlier it was your ‘go-to’ data source. Has something changed?

I am running into server connection problems with Dukascopy so I need to use IQfeed to retrieve forex data in a non restricted way. 


No response over a number of weeks from Dukacopy support which is not good: 



Have you stopped collecting data from them or was this just a recommendation you had for me specifically?

See above for your answer. 



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