Mother of all backtests for Forex and Crypto Currency algo trading

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2017)

Planing for the mother of all backtests for Forex and Crypto Currency algo trading

Before I go live trading, I plan to build a Python backtest set of scripts to test for:

I do believe i can get forex tick data from IQFeed, i may go back 10-15 years for it. I will then test for negative and positive average weightings. I can also do a test also week by week on running my simulated trading against the different scenarios with forecasted volatile currency pairs. I also want to compare on the expected Sortino vs Sharpe ratio to see how that does as well. Make sense?

It will take a while to implement. U think I could apply this type of test to crypto if I can get the tick data for a certain #’of months


Yes I don’t see why not, I’ve found Bittrex’s tick data for free online. It would make more sense to stick to long-only in crypto, unless you’re trading on margin with another broker like Bitfinex/Poloniex.

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