Most trusted crypto currency exchange for Bitcoin is

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

Most trusted crypto currency exchanges for Bitcoin are…

Over the weekend my private Telegram messenger chat Group got me highly interested in crypto currency. I learned a lot from the discussion from some of the more experts within the group. Thanks to all of them. As a result I compiled a complete list of crypto currency networks, exchanges, safe titbits that may be helpful for those that want to learn about this new way of automated trading.

Check out this list here

I will be making more videos here on this exact topic so keep your eyes open for any emails on it.


I got some confusing responses for my last day of my Python Infrastructure Algo/utomated trading course. This provides all the primitive but necessary components you would need to build an entire automated/algo trading systems from scratch using Python. It seems people got confused on what link to use or find out any details on this. So here we go:


Click here for all the details of this exact course with video presentation


–> You can also click here if you want immediate access


Lastly, I will be making this available today at HALF PRICE  for all of those interested in this course. This will be the LAST DAY as strongly hinted.This is the exact primitive automated trading system I will be using for my upcoming strategies. This system can be used for both forex and crypto currency trading.


Thanks for reading



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