Morgan Stanley’s 65 new guide to jobs in quant funds

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2017)

Morgan Stanley’s 65 pg new guide to jobs in quant funds

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Morgan Stanley has released a new document on how they will hire for a quant funds. Nothing has gone public but speculation is these type of funds seem to underperform. Experts say that there is a more focus on passive and factor base decisions within these securities.


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Yesterday, I posted a summary of what I thought about crypto currency and Bitcoin. Outside of yesterday’s email, I offered more thought on this process. As researching this interesting area of a trading security, it gets overwhelming to figure out who you can trust with your money for live trading.


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Please note that I’m working on my volatility trading script which is using Dukascopy as a data source. In my old one, I was using IQfeed as the data source. As it was highly recommended by the Smart money advisors, always use the market data from the broker you intend to trade with. So hopefully I’ll have a new script coming soon. A video code walk-through will be made for all my Quant Analytic members.


Go here if you want to see the results of the old volatility script using IQfeed 

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