How to Code a Neural Network classifier from scratch

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2017)

It seems that machine learning and neural networks are continuing to march on. After talking to quite a few people, we’re all confused on what programming language to move forward with. With the sudden rise of Go, many are pretty well committed to Python as we are all tired of needing to learn new things. It seems that Python is here to stay for quite a while.


Here is that article to show you how to build a neural network from scratch


As side note for this year, a highly successful REAL FULL TIME trader from my local Meetup is only keeping up with averages like S&P 500. When you get a guy like this who also doubts machine learning will beat out traditional ways, I sort of support him with this view at this time.


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Here are some of the latest news items:
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Peso implied volatility rise under Nafta talks while IMF chiefs warn central bankers on Crypto currency



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