How Bitcoin companies are really against you 

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

How Bitcoin companies are really against you

A message from my newsletter subscriber about government/private company  being against with Bitcoin

Besides the infamous mtGox incidence where In February 2014, Japanese Bitcoin exchange MtGox went bankrupt after 750,000 Bitcoins went missing from secure wallets, there are numerous examples of hackers stealing crypto-currencies from exchanges and there is also a continuing assault on your wallet  from these actors without Quantum computing just social engineering see below:


PC Malware Steals Funds by Modifying Ethereum Addresses



Note the recommendation:

“Once a system becomes compromised, as seen in the case of Apneal, it is no longer useful to install antivirus software to eliminate or destroy the malware.

Several users in the community have advised Apneal and other victims of the malware to format all of the connected drives to the system and

reinstall the Windows system to entirely reset the device and the operating system.”


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