Do I offer a combo deal for all algo trading courses

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2017)

Do I offer a combo deal for all algo trading courses

Queries from interested new member of my 3 algo trading courses

Quant Elite v2


I am interested in purchasing the 3 courses offered by Quantlabs, is there a better pricing for buying all 3 courses together ?


Ok. it looks like everything is ready to got for this promo. I give access to all 3 courses with an annual Quant Analytics membership (12*97 for free). Let me know if this works for as promoted at $797. 
Just click the GREEN ‘Be an Elite Quant” now for the PayPal link.


I also got my live event starting in 90 minutes as well so we can talk then if interested for any queries you have.  


I have a few other questions:
– Do the courses cover ways to link deep learning & machine learning frame works like TensorFlow etc (using python)?

–> Not yet but I do cover Python 2.7. I plan to move into machine learning with crypto/Bitcoin in a few months 

– Do the courses cover infrastructure & tools for doing backtesting?
–> Yes infrastructure is covered but backtesting may not work universally as I have shown in the past few weeks. The markets are too random to predict that 
– How about linking external data (other than yahoo finance
–> Yahoo Finance data is severely limited as of the spring 2017, I always recommend to sue the broker data or even IQFeed depending on your asset class of interest. I am starting with forex since is simpler and most popular. 

– Do you provide recommendations for other data sources that I can purchase for equities/options etc ?
–> AS said, you could use IQFeed for that as well as tradingeconomics.com for fundamental econometrics data 


More answers:
– About infrastructure for machine learning, is there anything that prohibits using open source python libraries like sklearn ?
–> You can easilu integrate any Python code with what I offer. As said, It is built off Python v 2.7 but should be able to be moved in to v 3_
– Secondly, I have a IB account, do the provide data to use with back testing ?
No, I cannot provide any data as I would be going against provider terms of service. I hope you understand that. 

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