Crypto currency and Bitcoin discover talk webinar video playbacl

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

Crypto currency and Bitcoin discover talk webinar video playbacl

Here were some of the questions asked

From https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/volume/24-hour/



I am doing forex only

I am dropping forex for crypto currency

i am looking at/researching crypto

I do both

I do more crypto over forex due to profit potential


1. Which exchange do you trade on? What drives that decisions?

2. Which crypto currency would you like to focus on? Why?

3. Any unknown way to forcast crypto currency or crypto pair?

Do you support ICOs? Do you focus on that?

Do you kno of any way to measure volume to forecast crypto currnency pricing action direction? https://quantlabs.net/blog/2017/10/bitcoin-in-a-bubble-check-the-nvt-ratio/







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Here are some updates from someone on my Telegram group:

To answer your question about ICOs; you can make loads of money, but you have to be very careful, spends tens of hours researching each opportunity and preferably get into the pre-sale so that you’re not at the mercy of investors who purchased at a discount compared to yourself, and who invariably dump their tokens on the exchange as soon as they’re distributed. Occasionally you get opportunities like ZRX and KNC that are literally free money, but they are few and far between (increasingly so). ZRX, for example, was roughly a 700% return overnight!

To summarise, I only invest in the insanely popular ICOs with ridiculous demand (like the two I just mentioned), or in extremely undervalued ICOs (this can happen for a number of reasons such as not hitting the hard cap), and I usually only participate if I manage to get into the pre-sale. Other than that, I wait for the ICO to complete and then monitor the price once it hits the exchanges. It often tanks and you can grab yourself a bargain, as long as you’re willing to use some of the smaller exchanges and/or EtherDelta.

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