Cohen backed Quantopian starts fund for external investors

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2017)

This could be pure genius if Mr. Stephen Cohen would decide to use Quantopian as a front to help fund his operation with external capital. Apparent his new Point 72 is not growing as fast as he would like so Quantopian could be a fantastic proxy for his investments. I could be wrong as well.


Here is that article I speak of


As I slightly hinted in an email and posting, I’ll be going through an exhaustive testing phase to validate my theories of volatility in currency trading. I’m hoping to reveal some positive relationships and patterns that may be helpful to my supportive Quant Analytics members. In fact I may do an unconventional Live meet up webinar for them next week sometime. It will be very last minute to focus on these theories and results. Be aware of this coming up. Once again I’ll only be available for my Quant Analytics members only.


Yesterday I revealed some of my daily analysis for my Quant Analytics Lite service here’s the latest headline from today.

NZ dollar hit after party agreement and China develerages to expand GDP


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