Billionaire Math James Simons HFT founder Flopped First Time so he started Renaissance

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2017)
As a result one of the articles from today that was pretty hot was this one about James Simmons who is one of the wealthiest billionaires. He is not only a math whiz but also runs Renaissance Technologies. As you can imagine, he’s worth quite a bit of money at $16 billion as well as he expanded on the history of his venture into the world of high frequency trading running a hedge fund. You can find quite a number of YouTube videos out there with interviews which goes over his history. So in this particular Bloomberg article, he reveals some very unknown information about Renaissance Technologies.


See this article here 

So a lot of Renaissance staff are code breakers as well as linguistic professionals. So here are the secrets of the Renaissance which is still pretty vague about it. Simmons says the signals are thin. If there was someone would have found them already to make money. Simmons said you have to put together a lot of signals to just keep working at it.

So Simmons said was to hire the greatest people you can and then give them a lot of authority. That’s probably why a lot of his staff are very wealthy with the firm’s Medallion fund that only staff get access to.

So what are the big things is right now I’ve got a variety of new videos here with results of a test I’ve been running with forex data with this portfolio optimizer with other historical videos as well. So not only that but I’ve also included a source code walkthrough for my Quant Analytics members

https://quantlabs.net/analytics/order-analytics/ and the video will be expiring later today. So it’s a very important Python script because what it will do is it will not only forecast but optimize positions weighting of the more volatile currency pairs


We are coming down to the last 24 hours of this Portfolio Optimizer source code walkthrough. This most likely I will be talking about it as this video does vanish within 24 hours.

Only my Quant Analytics member will have access to this.

Join here for that.


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