Apple Founder Wozniak says Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold And Dollar

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2017)

Apple Founder Wozniak says Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold And Dollar
Apple Founder Wozniak says Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold And Dollar

Another popular article that came across a few days ago was this one regarding Bitcoin is better than gold and the dollar. This of course came from Steve Wozniak who was one of our early partners of Apple computers. So the question came down to how he felt about his views on Bitcoin. He also asked how it is a no longer a store of value. But you know you need to remember that there’s only supply of 21 million coins. Aa a result, the demand has been very high for crypto currency.

This article can be read here 


There was a couple of questions as a result of this interview with the Woz. There is a finite amount of Bitcoin that can ever exist. Gold can be mined for a whie hey said but that still it has a fixed value or a finite supply.


Woz also describes the U.S. dollar as it is kind of interesting.There is more here which you should check out.


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