Is Coinbase smartest exchange for Bitcoin crypto with algo Python ?

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(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Is Coinbase best exchange for Bitcoin crypto with algo Python ?

Many people are convincing me to start looking at crypto currency’s as the next hotbed. Luckily for me, I have built out a really good set of people on my Telegram Chat Group over the last few weeks. It seems many there want me to trade in this space. I guess it’s time for me to jump on board at some point. If you have any wiser advice to give now is the time to share.

Here is some advise I got from this goup:

Enigma is a good project, but the team is a bit shady. They changed the hard cap of their ICO after the pre-sale was over. Talk about screwing over your investors!


Yes, all of the exchanges I’ve used allow you to access the entire order book through the API. So you can of course see the volume of orders at each bid/ask price.


Yeah, I normally use Bitcoin since all other cryptocurrencies can be exchange for Bitcoin. Occasionally I’ll use Ether but that’s only if don’t have any Bitcoin handy. Ether doesn’t have as many trading pairs as Bitcoin does.


I use Coinbase to go from fiat currency to crypto, but they only list BTC, ETH and LTC. I use Bittrex or Poloniex to go from BTC to other cryptos. I sometimes use EtherDelta to buy post-ICO cryptos that aren’t listed anywhere else.


So if I wanted to buy OMG for example, I’d buy BTC from Coinbase, then transfer it to Bittrex and buy it there.

Does this sound right?

I have more thoughts here 
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Thanks Bryan

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