Why you are not a quant video

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2017)
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Why you are not a quant video

I just had my video get a comment from this fine person

THANK YOU! I always have to explain to people what an actual quant is but no one ever listens. You might get a laugh out of a video on my channel called, “Why You’re Not A Quant.”

This is my video below but he created this video. Description is:

The word “quant” is now being thrown around casually, but what does it actually mean?

The word ‘quant’ was initially a derogatory term for people in finance that do the in depth analysis of financial products that were considered less valuable than the business people. While the term has become more mainstream, it is still used as an offensive way to stereotype people into buckets and put them down.

It has become somewhat of a buzzword for all industries when looking to hire new employees. These industries are really only looking for someone with basic skills and a very minimal statistical background, however they think what they are doing is incredibly complex. Because companies have started using the term quant more it has lead to many people claiming to be quants when they do not have the statistical background or knowledge.

I suggest everyone stops using the term quant to escribe themselves or positions they are hiring for unless they are looking for a true quant with a very high statistical background and ho works in the financial markets.

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