Truth on building wealth with automated trading

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2017)

Truth on building wealth with automated trading

Usual correspondence from the peepz

Hey Bryan, thanks for the add.
When you have time, I have some questions about your stock strategies. I’m a software developer and the stuff about automatic trading information was really good. I would like work with you on this if you need a developer and I can also profit from it.
JAN 8TH, 6:41PM
Hey go ahead. Send over a list of questions

Hello Bryan. I’m trying to get started the stock market. In order to quit my day job and only be a trader how much money do you think I need to have ?
don’t try, keep a steady basic income and use the proceeds of trading to build wealth for eventual retirement

Thank you
i wish i could you better news with what i see in the markets will change everything fundamentally

I have an 18 year old son that im trying to get into trading while he is in school. I am going to fund his portfolio and work with him
good i see a lot of that
i just discovered some software that can help there with automated trading to maximize your portfolio opportunities. it is sort of exciting


For elite members not able to attend live it would be useful to have a recording link and the coupon code to any shopify reports or webinars if you are now adding that as another portal.
–> I will be posting this info to all. i will also be working on a backend emailing service for my members but yet again, I need to be-careful of not overwhelming them.

My strong recommendation is to try and have a weekly PDF report or one video summarising anything you want to recap for that week in the markets or on coding. At present the short videos are too fragmented and I would be very interested in knowing how may people actually view the instagram images which I admit run in the hundreds.
–> I agree which I am actually thinking of doing exactly a daily summary report.  The Instagram stuff is for my own reference really so it should not really be any value to others

The same goes for the tweets which is a barrage. Less is more sometimes. When I see a Ned Davis image it stands out on my twitter feed as I know it is going to be interesting. I am passing on my feedback which I very rarely do but am doing so as you are well respected by dint of your transparent hard work and of course interconnectedness with fellow quants.
–> I try but it seems yes, less is more. It took me years to figure that out. As said, I may do a daily summary of stuff in a massive PDF/Word document. Videos are helpful to .

You have made me seriously think of using the ipad more for trading. I do not know of anyone else in the public space who is grappling with these issues real time and over years so I am not expressing discontent.
–> Many people are using Ipads and Apple tech. I am not sure if you have followed Siraj Raval but he did some great video demos of converting TensorFlow Machine learning models to Android. I find this an amazing transition if I was to follow this path which is obviously Google vs Apple devices. I prefer Apple tech but sometimes you need to choose software transformation over other choices.
P.S. I really value your input to improve this service. Thanks for that 

Thanks for the link. I cancelled my subscription so I won’t be able to watch it.
–> No worries. I understand your point as I explain below
People like me fall in the outlier category of occasional traders, looking for quick summary for where markets are moving and what would be some good entry/exit points and why.
–> I am corresponding with others on this exact issue. I just need to figure out how to present (maybe) a daily PDF/Word doc on what my system is doing. I am really leaning towards this in coming days.
All this in daily email with text or video summary.
—> Agree here to but I already do that from a human perspective.
If people complain about too many emails they can unsubscribe from daily emails and just watch YouTube channel but at least you are giving people the option of daily email.
–> I hear you again, i do think a daily/weekly summary is best but the question is always: where do you draw the line without the overwhelm?

You have some great products may be in future will try to join back.

–> No sweat. You should consider as this thing evolves. I am not sure if you are part of this newsletter service http://quantlabs.net/membership.htm to keep being updated.  Thanks for giving me the chance so far.

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