Installation failure with Quantopian Pyfolio 

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)


Massive failure with Quantopian Pyfolio

Over the weekend I tried to install both Zipline and Pyfolio (open source packages from Quantopian) into my Python environments. I have both Python 2.7 and 3.6. After the attempt of implementation, both packages completely failed my out of box tests which is a rare event for me. I am not sure if it was coding or some glitch in the installation process. The lesson to be learned here is that there is in fact better alternatives for the same functionality you would get with a cloud service like Quatopian. The best part is you own and control every single step when it comes to generating your trading to systematically submitting your order to a broker. In a nutshell, I would never let an external company or service ever own those processes including black box technology.

Here is a video of my attempt to use this PyFolio Python package.

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We tried another one but why do these keep failing when trying to implement
If you see something that looks wrong, let me know as I would love to learn my missteps.

I just recorded my first ‘bonus video’ of learning last night. It is a 40 minute explaining the topics below. As you know, I will be putting this video up on my Shopify account for both my Quant Analytic Members or anyone who joins over the next few days. This video will stay up for a very limited time which makes this download opportunity very very limited as I have mentioned in the past.

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Thanks for reading


P.S. Lastly for those watching my next set of topics of these ‘bonus videos’, please note these topics are coming shortly so be on the lookout for them:

1. New development to integrate MySQL database for Dukascopy JForex access to communicate with open source BackTrader Python package.

2.. Updated Position Manager to replace MongoDB database calls with new MySQL needs. Complete walkthrough video of this powerful script will be coming. This is used for controlling virtual stop losses, target pricing, and tight intelligent risk control measures for open positions.

3. Complete walk through multi asset Watchlist manager of assets/instruments of interest for potential automated trading orders.

All of these three new videos will be highly limited no different than the first one from last nite.


P.P.S. here are the topics for this first ‘bonus video’ from last last nite’s live recording:


1. Demo examples of some forward looking data sets used from Federal Reserve with rationale of use

2. Interpretation how to use for accurate forecasting future/options, forex, and stock market asset classes.

3. Explanation of importance on rational of how USA impacts rest of world in all global asset classes

4. Sample high level demos of how to use with some Python coding


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