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(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)

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Cambridge Financial Information Services

We are pleased to announce the addition of data from Cambridge Financial Information Services (CFIS) to the platform. Cambridge is a financial information services firm that provides independent market data and security prices to fixed income and derivative market participants. Quandl offers the following databases:

Credit Default Swap Data

This database offers five and 10 year spreads for over 2,000 reference entities, together with a wide range of currency, restructuring clause and tier of debt combinations. History to 2007.

See Database

FX Option Volatility Data

This database offers daily volatility surfaces for FX options, including skew, across 30 global currencies and precious metals. History to 2012.

See Database

Interest Rate Swaption Volatility Data

This database offers daily normalized volatility cubes for interest rate swaptions, including skew, across many popular global currencies. History to 2013.

See Database
For questions on CFIS databases or any other Quandl data products, please contact connect@quandl.com

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