Deep testing of Python Markowitz Portfolio packages

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

Full testing of Python Markowitz Portfolio packages

I am digging deep into this portfolio optimizations. One question came up was using Markowitz versus stats.

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This video below serves 2 purposes which includes a quick & dirty way to test the code if it works in my Python 2.7.13. I am pretty well not budging from this version for a while so I expect incompatibility problems with Python. This is why this video was made to showcase the trials and tribulation any newbie Python coder could go through including me. The second purpose of this video is attempt to find running Markowitz portfolio source code that will run which I did partially accomplish as demonstrated in the video. ition and set other styles.
Here is a recent conversation with Sholom B of Analytic Kinetics on this topic:


Me: Very valid comments, can you not run both markowitz framework and general stats in parallel? as you say, use the stats you generate under extreme conditions since the markowitz is not valid as you say
Sh: Extreme condition modeling and markowitz are not compatible.


Me: You switch berween based on market condition.


Sh: Market conditions change fast. You may not get advance warning anytime. Think flash crash.

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