Hoe to Running Tensorflow Machine Learning Models on Android

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2017)

Guide to Running Tensorflow Machine Learning Models on Android

I was amazed by this Youtube channel source revealing this combo. It actually made me rethink on the future of mobile but Google is doing a decent job to convert machine learning models from desktop to cloud and even mobile. Even the author of this Youtube channel seems to mock the artificial intelligence application of Apple. As you know, I love Apple but these kind of videos make me rethink my ML development strategy.

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Now, if you have been watching my Instagram account, a chart went up that proved machine learning is NOT outperforming standard methodologies by pros to look at the markets. This does NOT mean ML is valid, it means you need to apply the right uses for it. This includes real time analysis against your portfolio or high speed bid/ask trading strategies. Can you analyze like this as human? I do not think so.


Have you seen my last high performing charts from Bitcoin, Emerging Markets, and agriculture. If you had traded these, you could have been well onto your way for retirement. Check out my 20 minute video I just posted.


What more can I say within this video? I would take advantage of my deal for my Quant Analytics service https://quantlabs.net/blog/2017/07/incredible-trading-performance-calls-from-my-analysis/
It is quite telling on my Analytics Service I launched a few months ago.

I also have listened to a number of you on how you don’t want a service that automatically renews each month. As a result, I am offering new subscription ‘levels’. If you did not take advantage of last weeks 3 month, well I have extended the term for 7 months for the price of 5. As you know, this will not be promoted forever.

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Here are some benefits of this service here.

Thanks Bryan

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